Jess by Alexander Ward

It's a privilege to be part of something significant in someone's life. Earlier this year I was honoured to shoot Jess before she left for foreign shores, and more honoured when she asked me to shoot her return. 


I got her message to say she was here whilst lost in the unique labyrinth that is Affleck's, desperately trying not to empty my bank account on Adventure Time stuffed toys and new backpacks. This was my second time shooting with Jess, the last time I saw her was the day before she moved to Ibiza and we spent it then visiting her favourite places and leaving a momento on film. Now she'd returned, reunited with the rainy skies of Manchester. 

I was immediately reminded of how energetic and passionate Jess is, taking the bull by the horns and getting immediately into the shoot. She has a unique way of layering conversations that make having concurrent streams of discussion effortless, meaning we catch-up and I'm up to speed on her adventure quickly. 


We venture from North Tea Power to Afflecks and beyond, using the Northern Quarter to experiment with different angles and styles before stopping to refuel. Jess is as I've always known her to be; effortlessly photogenic with an addictive attitude to life that makes you want to shoot all day. 

With clear weather and a range of really helpful shop staff (shout out to Piccadilly Records, Masa Records and Pop Boutique), we got some great shots which really welcome Jess back to Manny. 

Go see Jess' blog and her instagram