Polly by Alexander Ward

It's a Wednesday evening and I've found myself in a dimly lit studio in a beautiful cobbled street in Didsbury, lying on a white floor with no shoes on watching people bend over. 

Tonight, I'm shooting with a good friend of mine, Polly. She's not only one of the kindest people I know, but a supreme Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist to boot. Her calming demeanor is colluded only by her zest for life which both puts you at ease and motivates you to bounce around.


I've tried not to put pressure on myself leading up to this shoot; taking shots of someone you know is always hard, the closer they are the more difficult it becomes. I wanted to try show the world who Polly was, to put on show that calm ability and consistent strength of character. 

I really like how this shoot came out; against the challenge of fading light and doing my best to be non-distracting amongst a quiet yoga class, I managed to cut through and create a few shots which really resonate with me what she's all about. 

You can join Polly's yoga class in Disbury by going to her website, or finding her on Facebook under @pollyyogaandmassage