Julia / by Alexander Ward

I sat across the table at Pokusevskis over an espresso, quizzing Julia on what's next for her. She's had a bestselling book, a career in journalism and then in personal fitness. I was sucking my stomach in and remembering to sit straight. 

"There's a new adventure coming next year" she tells me, "...something which isn't a book or a programme, it's something new. It focuses on people's happiness.". This unrehearsed insight helps build a picture of Julia; it's clear she does what she does to do just that - make people happier. 


After getting a few snaps in the café, we head off to Wythenshawe gardens to explore the botanicals and fields. I quiz her along the way (discovering twice as much more with every answer) and finding new angles and poses. 


Julia has a boundless enthusiasm, nothing is too much trouble - no doubt born from her Northern roots and years of focus and conditioning. We work from lifestyle to fitness, getting some shots of stances and exercises I daren't try let alone would have a chance of achieving. 


Finally, we bypass several curious dogs (and owners) and arrive at a blanket of pink foliage where we get the last shots of the day. If you're looking for inspiration on how to get your health back on track, or keep it that way, go to Julia's site to get started.