Saf / by Alexander Ward

It was all against us. Saf had text me a few hours earlier to say she was suffering with a cold and the evening light was rapidly fading. As we approached the cemetery, it was as if on cue rain hit the windshield. 

Storm clouds muddied the sky and I groaned inwardly as we waited out the worst of the rain for the next fifteen minutes. Thankfully for me, I was in good company; Saf is always ready to talk, offering her usual intrigue and unprompted encouragement. 


She's moving to London soon and we wanted to get this shoot in before she went; "I'm so excited about this Al, it's been a childhood dream of mine." Sure, no pressure. I got this. 

But man, this was a hard shoot. The environment compelled against us to make it tough. But one thing I've learned about Saf is her utter determination, if she said she's going to do it, it'll be done. No cold, weather or fading light was going to prevent what she set out to do. 


We spend the next hour exploring, shooting and using smoke to get grainy, moody shots, It's the perfect shoot for a lead up to halloween, so we take the opportunity to get some video. 

You can find Saf on instagram - go follow to see the shots in their prime.