Karen / by Alexander Ward

Recently I had some critique from a seasoned photographer after I'd entered my work with Sarah into a portrait competition. Sadly I won't be appearing in the National Portrait Gallery but I did get a great piece of feedback which really resonated with me; "What are you trying to say?" 

What I create is really important to me; I put in the time in the research, interview and understanding of people I work with, and that's because I really want to tell their story. I want to figure them out, then I want to tell the world my view of them. But in this effort I can be sometimes be guilty of losing sight of a single narrative, of trying to get across complexities so much that I can miss that bold, concise message. 


Thankfully this wasn't the case with Karen, an interior design blogger in Manchester that's a blogger in the true sense of the word. She's a trained journalist and she approaches her content in the rigorous, considered and passionate way you'd expect from someone who loves the study of something. 

Her focus has always been colour, and moreover how it's used in everyday buildings - inside and out. I wanted to create something which really explored this and gave a clear message, a connection between what Karen's passion is and you, the viewer. 


So, what am I trying to say? 

What I want from this set is to reinforce how Karen is seen in the blogging community and in her niche industry; that she's this engaging writer who explores in colour. I want people to connect her love what she she's doing with colour, using the motion and explosion of the confetti to really drive the point home. 

As always, all feedback welcome and huge thanks to Robin for his help assisting on set (and firing indoor explosives at Karen).