Hayleigh / by Alexander Ward

I know that my shoot with Hayleigh is one which will linger in my memory, not necessarily from an effect its had on me, but because of the sheer amount of glitter I will be finding in my car for the months to come. 

It's Thursday night and my team have assembled for a creative shoot at a great studio in Stockport; Hayleigh is there (a local artist who I've been planning to work with for a couple of months) along with Robin, a make-up artist who worked on my beach shoot


I first spotted Hayleigh after stumbling on her instagram and, in turn, her amazing art. I dropped her a line and before long we were talking creative concepts and shooting together. I'd had a need for a little while to shoot with glitter, not with some casual glitter effects but full-on, messy-as-hell, covered glitter. 

In the short time I've known her, Hayleigh has shown herself to be this passionate, enthusiastic creative who loves to do something new; she embraced giving up her evening being covered in glue and glitter in an infectiously positive way. I have to admit, it's what I expected from an Australian - that boundless belief and energy that's injected into something creative and challenging. 

Hayleigh is moving on and returning back to Australia this month and man, what a way to bid farewell to the rainy skies of Manchester. She nailed it - giving everything to make the shots full of emotion and energy. 

During the planning, the setting up of equipment and steering the vision and everything else, it's easy to forget to step back and take in how amazing what you're doing together is, but I reflect on the shoot in the following hours and days and feel elated at how everyone pulled together to create something brilliant. 


In amongst the shots, I discover one which particularly stands out for me which I've shared below. It's one of my favourites from my entire collection so I'd welcome your feedback. 


Behind the Scenes