La Plage / by Alexander Ward

It was Thursday and I was starting to feel anxious. I'd had this shoot in my mind for months and Storm Brian was threatening to make it too windy, too wet and too cold. I had four people giving up their time and relying on me to get it right.

It'd had this shoot in my mind for months, just a gut desire to create something that mixed the feel of a Californian beach with the harshness of The North. I wanted something dramatic and gritty that presented the Northern spirit - full of integrity, courage and strength. 

Arguably, I could've chosen a better time to have done this shoot - waiting until the tip of winter and then the arrival of a storm wasn't my best move, but I had total faith we'd create something special and use the drama of the environment to tie the whole thing together. 


I was truly blessed with a superb team who were unfathomable in the face of some dire conditions; Anete (modelling), Robin (modelling & MUA), Lauren (styling) and Ryan (assisting). A particular mention should go to this remarkable team who not only gave their time to create something unique, but have utter faith that I'd get things done. I'd lie if I said I wasn't getting nervous at one stage, but we pulled together and got it nailed. 


After the pickups from Manchester, we ventured north to Silverdale where we were afforded with sweeping landscapes over a rough coastline. We jumped into things, finding a sliver of beach and passing warnings signs of quicksand and fast-moving tides. What felt like minutes later, the tide was cutting us off and threatened to seclude our shoot for a few hours - we seized an opportunity to escape and joined the main beach. 


The weather grew harsher, presenting a steeper challenge but a bigger lure to put it in the scene. Anete and Robin were incredible - standing by the coast, powerful in their refusal to concede to the rough waters battering their backs. Ryan was right there with me, holding a giant umbrella and blankets and protecting my kit. 


After a brief respite in the local, we move onto a cove where we're given the start of a sunset, caves, less drama but more quicksand. We capture those relaxed beach shots lingering in my head, then use the rocks before calling it a day, tired, cold but rewarded. 

There's some video to follow... ;)