Sarah Catherine / by Alexander Ward

We'd been planning this for a while and the release of a sequel just perpetuated our need to pay homage to Blade Runner like the utter film geeks we are.

I first shot with Sarah earlier this year in Media City. It was a warm summer evening and the light delved into the jagged spaces around the area - we'd used the strong angles of The Lowry and the BBC open area to get some killer shots and learn more about one another as we went. It quickly became evident our taste in Film and TV was similar and we spent an abnormal amount of time discussing the ins-and-outs of The Office (US, obviously), Mighty Boosh and any decent Sci-Fi film made. 

It was whilst we were exploring The Lowry, gushing over how amazing Blade Runner was we first had the idea to shoot a nod to the 80's masterpiece. Over the coming months we agreed the outfit - a blend of replicant characters, the location - Chinatown - and then finally, the date. 

Sarah is the epitome of a muse; incredible in her spirit and creativity, passionate about her beliefs and interests and utterly collaborative in making a vision come together. She has a striking way of presenting exactly what I'm looking to create with very little direction. 


I really enjoy the variation of people I work with, from those you instantly click with and have an effortless shoot, to those you need to work much harder to find common or comfortable ground. It is, of course, human nature for us to have these differences and navigating around the entanglement of people's nuances is certainly one of the best parts of working with people.

I am, once again, bowled-over by the efforts people go to to create something together. You take these normal people with their day to day lives, then pull them together to do something abnormal but - and I think, crucially - natural. 


I've reflected alot on this recently and moreover my value with the people I work with, especially in the collaborative sense. I have vowed to push creativity more than before - I think my value lies in that vision.

Find Sarah on instagram or in her amazing blog post she wrote about the gig. 

Huge thanks also to Shelby who assisted me in bringing the shot together - expert reflector work!