Public Desire / by Alexander Ward

When I found out the venue was a place I'd been driving past for two years and drooling over, I couldn't wait to get through the door. 

Established in a tall, red brick building near Cornbrook tram stop, Insitu is an aladdin's cave of architectural salvage that's full of lights, floors, wood and props that suit this shoot down to the ground. 


Today I'm shooting with Public Desire - helping their Principal and capturing behind-the-scenes at their Halloween shoot for their latest drop. The space is spot-on; exposed red brick nestled in huge vaulted ceilings and gigantic windows which fill the place with natural light. 

The venue is only superseded by the outstanding team made up of a warm, welcoming and funny group of creatives who work together to create something that stands out. 


These kind of shoots are a good break from the one-on-one shoots I'm often involved in, it's nice to work as part of such a great team and capture a small slice of the sheer effort behind a shoot like this. 

Huge thank you to Danni and Hayley for involving me in the project.