Glowworm / by Alexander Ward

Start-ups are special. Full of empowered, lively people that share a special bond of moving something forward together. 

The same can be said of Glowworm, a digital agency based in one of the repurposed mills in Ancoats. Having worked with the boss, Sophie, in a previous life, I was enlisted to capture her team and give them something to use in their website, social and marketing material.


The majority of photographers I speak to hate these 'corporate gigs' but I love them as much as any other shoot; I love seeing how people interact with one another in different environments, how they present themselves, how they can adapt and shift. 

Often, drawing-out people in these environments is more challenging, but that makes it even more rewarding when you do get what you're after. 

Especially important to note about this shoot, is what a truly, endearingly lovely bunch of people this is. There's like a togetherness which just seeps off them. Here's to you, Glowworm.