Ciandra / by Alexander Ward

Sunday morning and I'm darting around, sussing-out my angles and approach to shooting in front of the Midland Hotel. The armed police nearby are looking at me with curiosity. 

Ciandra arrives as ever on time and with a beaming smile, wearing a yellow coat as bright as her personality. It's the second time I've shot with her and this time she's returned to Manchester for the weekend, so we're grabbing the opportunity to hang out and showcase an outfit. 

It's not long until we're discussing bad Tinder dates, what my favourite Quality Street is* and how not to get run over by taxis. Ciandra consistently surprises me, able to jump between mild and profound conversation without hesitation and with as much focus as the last. 

We wander around Exchange Square, sticking to the 35mm lens and trying different angles (I have a few set in my mind), along with avoiding members of the public placing distractions in the background. 

It's hard to get poor shots with a backdrop like the Midland, with it's impressive facade and towering height that seems to lean over you as you look at it. We shoot around here for a while before heading to the Blackwater, finding new angles and perspectives from the waterside. 


It's a short shoot, knowing what we want and getting it in the bag, spending the time catching-up as much as shooting. 

* Green triangle, obvs.