What’s in my Kit Bag?

I swore to myself I’d never do a guide like this, but after lots of requests on my instagram, I’ve decided to create my version. Now I’ll say from the outset this is a basic guide for those of you that undertake photography as an aside for what you do, it’s not a pro guide.

The Golden Rule


Photography is about creating something you love that says something. No matter how much or how expensive your kit is, it won’t do that for you. Remember the best photos in history were shot on cameras far inferior than your smartphone.

How to build your photography kit

With the Golden Rule out of the way, I wanted to start by taking how I built my kit and how you should build yours. Everything was born out of necessity and that’s my recommendation to you, too - pack the basics, then make mistakes to learn from them. That being said, anything I can impart now may help you not trip up like I did.

Naturally you’ll have your own style of shooting and as time progresses, so will the honing of your style. You’ll start needing specific tools and bits of kit to suit the style and the conditions you’re shooting in.

My Kit


  1. Body - mkii

  2. Lenses - 35, 50

  3. Plastic bags

  4. batteries

  5. cleaning kit

  6. Grip

  7. Duct tape

  8. Clips/pegs

  9. Speedlite

  10. Speedlite filters

  11. Macbook?

The Bag