Alexander Ward
Alexander Ward

Manchester Photography Studios

Let’s be honest with ourselves here, it rains a strong 90% of the time in Manchester; it’s the one thing everyone told me before I moved up, and the one thing I never believed until I lived here. If you’re like me and love natural-light shooting, the weather and the short days of the winter can severely limit your photoshoot locations.

For those shoots where I need a controlled environment, or weather and light push me indoors, I tend to go to the following studios. Each have been supportive in my work and I felt it only right to give my take on them - no one has paid to be featured here.


Editorial Studios

Knowsley St, Manchester

If the studio isn’t based in an old mill or factory, is it even in Manchester? Jen, the owner of this new studio has been dead supportive from day dot. Good kit here, currently 3x strobes with softboxes, extra arms, reflectors, triggers and octobox. Six backdrops and all the tea you could ask for.

Space: Small simple studio, staging area
Kit: 3x Strobes (1x arm mounted), diffusers, triggers, beauty dish, triggers


StreetStar Studios

Houldsworth Mill, Reddish, Stockport

The hugely helpful guys at StreetStar have been brilliant whenever I’ve used them, putting up with some messy shoots (where messy read: sequin, glitter…). A great size cove with a stage area adjacent if you fancy a darker, more show-vibe shoot.

Space: Medium with cove, staging room
Kit: 3x Strobes, ceiling mount, beauty dish, diffusers, triggers, wind machine, 3x backdrops


Ivory Studios

Broughton St, Manchester

Nestled by the imposing Strangeways, this blank canvas of a studio has a load of natural light, position props, kit (3+ strobes, diffusers, boxes, triggers, beauty dish) and natural tones. This studio is full of natural tones, use it for those stripped-back shoots.

Space: Large simple studio, staging areas
Kit: 3x Strobes, diffusers, octobox, triggers, 2x backdrops


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