Alexander Ward
Alexander Ward

Manchester Photography Guide

I’m proud of my perspective of Manchester, not just because I’m originally from the south but because my photography means I’m constantly exploring, finding new places and and angles that work for whatever I’m doing - whether that’s commercial, editorial, portrait photography or beyond.


As a Manchester Photographer, I know my way around the city, so I put together this guide

I’ve put together this short guide to help give you a starting point discovering some great photoshoot locations, studios, people in the know and places to see artist’s work. It goes without saying that Instagram is a great place to find alot of this - you can find me there as @ruggedwisdom

Photoshoot Locations

Such a massive part of any shoot, it’s no wonder that shoot locations is what I’m asked about most. Manchester is unique in this way, providing so many different locations and further, more dramatic settings just a short distance away. I’ve put together some of my favourite locations, and those which I think you’ll find most useful.

Photography Studios

If there’s one thing I learned about living in the north, it’s how much it rains. When the winter nights draw in the need for a studio is greater than ever, that’s why I put together a list of photography studios in Manchester to give a place to start.

Galleries & Exhibition Spaces

Manchester is as big on culture as it is on charm, so I’m bringing you my recommendations to see the latest works - including photography galleries, exhibition spaces, creative hubs and more. If you’re looking to make a list of places to go to see the creative side of Manchester, start here.